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Such useful information presented in an easy to understand method. Nancy was able to relate with examples from her own life, that got the message across. This info will be useful in my own life as well as in my nursing practice. I only wish this had been available years ago. Great program & facilitator . Thank-you Nancy.

Mary Jo (RN BSN) – Pittsburgh

The basic premise of Families Turning is that families are messy—the second is—the only family member you can change is you. Supported throughout by the presenters, I followed an organized set of reflections and engaged in exercises designed to afford me practice, so that I gained skill with the tools and confidence to use them in my own “messy Family.” Thanks, Nancy

Stephanie – Pittsburgh, PA

I found the Families Turning workshop practical and thought provoking. The exercises kept us engaged and provided tools that we could use to improve family interactions. I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to cultivate better relationships with others.

Michele – Swissvale, PA

Last spring, Families Turning conducted a workshop for Reach Up, Inc. Family Wellness Center at Union Baptist Church of Swissvale that significantly impacted the lives of the participants. Those who attended walked away with insight about their families of origin and relationships in general that has changed the way they see themselves and others. In particular, one couple that was in a conflicted marriage gained the skills and tools they needed to begin turning their relationship around and are now communicating better than they ever did. As a pastor, I would recommended Nancy and Families Turning to any congregation.

Robert W. Tedder, MSW
Senior Pastor, Union Baptist Church of Swissvale
Chairman of Board, Reach Up, Inc.

I found the Families Turning workshop to be quite helpful. It made me stop, and look at my relationships and interactions. Perhaps the greatest impact actually was in a work relationship. The phrase “exit expectations” really stuck with me. I was able to “exit expectations” with my boss and it has made a big difference in our work relationship and in how I feel about that relationship. Applying this one tool helped decrease the stress I was feeling at work. I know that others can benefit from learning and using these tools.

Jeanne – Pittsburgh, PA

The Church is the “Family of Families.” In the end, it is all about relationships. Nancy has developed a training through her program “Families Turning” that helps us to rebuild and renew our relationships with those around us. My Church was an early adapter of this program and my parishioners were enthusiastic about the program and continue to use it in their lives today. In summary, “Families Turning” is a concise, practical training to improve our lives by strengthening the core of our various relationships. I endorse this program and pray that it will continue to prosper.

The Rev. Dr. Jay Geisler. Canon for Formation of the Episcopal Diocese of

Nancy has developed an amazing program that targets families and their attempts to reconnect in this challenging culture. It’s perfect for churches, secular community groups and retreat centers alike. I have also found these skills and tools to be therapeutically valuable in my counseling practice for my clients. Based on years of research and the compilation of best practices in communication skills, she humorously and gracefully presents how we can reconsider and reconcile those difficult relationships. Our church loved the evenings that we met with Nancy. We highly recommend her course and her approach to the needs of the 21st century family in her Families Turning curriculum!

Jennie – Brentwood, PA

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