You’re recovering, Now What ? Relational skills for your next steps.
Everyone’s relationships are messy and challenging even in the best situations; and especially with those closest and most important to us. Relationships are the biggest casualty in addiction and are critically important to a successful recovery. The World Health Organization describes health as a balance of physical, mental, and social well-being. Culturally, we tend to focus most of the support and effort to improve physical and to some extent mental health. But if our social well-being – relationship and connection – remains shaky or broken, we cannot find balance and overall health in our recovery.

Families Turning programs offer practical tools, accessible knowledge and self-strengthening skills for the empowerment of the individual. Our motto is: Strengthening Individuals, Transforming Relationships, One Interaction at a Time

We offer insightful and transformational skills for family relationship dynamics and show how these interaction patterns and reactions affect our ability to connect with each other. Families Turning empowers individuals to send a ripple of change into their relationships which brings hope and connection.

Here is just one of our testimonials

“Nancy has developed an amazing program that targets families and their attempts to reconnect in this challenging culture. It’s perfect for churches, secular community groups and retreat centers alike. I have also found these skills and tools to be therapeutically valuable in my counseling practice for my clients. Based on years of research and the compilation of best practices in communication skills, she humorously and gracefully presents how we can reconsider and reconcile those difficult relationships. Our church loved the evenings that we met with Nancy. We highly recommend her course and her approach to the needs of the 21st century family in her Families Turning curriculum!”

Jennie – Pittsburgh, PA

Skills to Strengthen Relationships

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