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Hey Nance, LSW, BSN Hey there, I’m Nancy, and I am about the journey of transformation!!!!

I’m here with the goal of “Strengthening individuals (and by this couples and families) by transforming relationships one interaction at time.”

As a licensed therapist (and as a health care provider my entire professional life), I have been honored to journey with, support, equip and guide many families, couples and individuals. Relationships are messy, but it is how we deal with and “mange the mess” that makes all the difference. I work from a strength-based approach to help with struggles and increase successes. One way this occurs is by taking a step back and looking at our own thoughts, feelings and behaviors – as well as factors in our external environment – to see them from a new angle. This process allows for new insights, skills and tools to be applied.

Families Turning is about empowering one person at a time to be the Change Agent, in their lives and because of this changing, they will change those around them too.

Life happens and can catch us off guard, which can result in heightened stress, anxiety and/or depression; I can help you with transforming this. We live in a culture where we are not encouraged and have enough places to grow through struggles, so it is common to struggle with addiction, codependency, trauma, grief, divorce, blended families, and life transitions. People come to me for a transforming journey and I give the support, education and guidance to make this journey a success. As someone with other 30 yrs in healthcare and with a family history of addiction (and recovery), I have the capacity to be compassionate and empathetic, as well as offer resources and strategies for establishing healthy boundaries and encourage self-care.

Transformation happens in many ways and I help with this through using various techniques of treatment including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, experiential therapy, resilience, happiness, psychoeducation, mindfulness, family systems theory, solutions-based treatment and relational psychotherapy.

Hey Nance, LSW, BSN
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Families are messy, but they are worth the struggle. There are no quick tricks to take a difficult relationship and make it all better or to make a distant relationship suddenly closer. We know from experience that it takes time and effort, and there are skills and ideas and new ways to think and relate that can make the process more effective and satisfying.

Families can only change one person, one interaction, one relationship at a time. If you have the willingness and desire to be a Change Agent and specifically have at least one of the 3 Relational Goals in mind then you can be a Change Agent. Is it really that simple? With your motivation and the skill building concepts and exercises that I have for you, this will bring about successful change.

I have assembled and developed these tools from a multitude of established sources. As you work through each concept and practice the skills, then step-by-step you will see patterns emerge. You will find hope that is born out of having awareness, practical skills and a new way of thinking about your family members to make real and lasting changes in your relationships. I am not just talking about communication skills, although those are important. I am talking about relationship skills revealed in the Relational Elements, which when engaged will assist you with a transformation of the heart.

Skills to Strengthen Relationships

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