Our Approach

Do you want a more harmonious relationship with an adult sibling?

Families Turning is committed to strengthening families one person at a time by providing practical skills and transformative ideas that strengthen relationships between the adult members of families. We all have a family that is unique in its relationship dynamics and yet quite predictable in its patterns of interaction. Is there a pattern you would like to change? Would you like some tools for this project?

Do you want a more fulfilling relationship with an adult child?

One person relating in a new positive way can be an effective change agent in their family. By engaging the Relational Elements while being armed with skills to make conversations more productive, you will start a hopeful ripple of change that unclogs repetitive and unproductive patterns in any relationship. Yes, these relationship changes do take effort, but this is true for anything of real value.

Do you need to have an important discussion with your parents?

For example, parents and their adult children come back together emotionally and/or physically, because of choice or need. This workshop can help to make this very valuable opportunity into a fulfilling undertaking.

Skills to Strengthen Relationships

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